Thursday, 15th November 2018

Seven steps to remote data centre management

A new white paper from Chatsworth Products (CPI) suggests that, as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve, data centre managers can prevent the remote management of assets and white space from becoming more challenging by addressing the data centre cabinet as the foundation of a complete ecosystem.

The Key Elements of a Successful Data Centre Cabinet Ecosystem argues that the most effective and direct path to availability, reliability and energy efficiency is to address infrastructure, hardware and software as one single cohesive, integrated system. This approach promotes seamless operation and compliance with performance standards.
“Current computing and networking trends are resulting in more equipment being collocated or placed in remote sites. Optimising higher density and remote sites requires a holistic approach to deploying and monitoring in the white space,” Julian Riley, CPI Regional Sales Director & General Manager for Europe explains.
“A cabinet ecosystem approach – incorporating an integrated hardware solution, all networked through very few IP addresses and managed centrally through a plug–and-play software – is the key to simplified remote management. A complete cabinet ecosystem will not only provide the ability to successfully set and manage energy efficiency objectives but will also consistently support, organise, manage, control, monitor, protect, optimise and simplify operations.”
The white paper highlights seven key considerations when designing an effective cabinet ecosystem:
  • Structure
  • Cable management/pathway
  • Power distribution, monitoring and control
  • Cooling and airflow management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Physical access control
  • System integration with DCIM software
The paper provides practical tips and recommendations on each element with guidelines on how to best optimise each one within a cabinet ecosystem.
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