Friday, 21st September 2018

Proact provides GDPR-ready enterprise infrastructure to AFA Insurance

AFA Insurance has selected Proact to deliver a new IT infrastructure solution to manage the insurer’s critical primary and backup data. The solution will increase capacity and improve performance, while facilitating compliance with GDPR, the revised European data protection regulation.

Proact has been selected to design and implement an enterprise IT infrastructure solution to AFA Insurance, an organisation that is jointly owned by major labour market parties in Sweden. The solution will be deployed as part of a comprehensive update of AFA Insurance’s data centre environment, where a large number of enterprise applications and databases are hosted.
Aside from meeting AFA Insurance’s technical requirements, the deployment will also support the organisation as it prepares for the forthcoming General Data Protection Directive (GDPR), which comes into effect in May 2018. The new platform will meet the legal obligations for storing and managing personal data which will be introduced as part of the legislation.
The solution, built by Proact, includes several features which help ease the transition to GDPR for AFA Insurance, these include multiple data encryption options, and management tools which offer role-based access control and logging.
“AFA Insurance perfectly exemplifies how customers are raising new demands on their enterprise infrastructure, and that simply offering the latest technology is not good enough. We must also be able to build solutions that enable integration with various types of cloud services and meet new formal requirements on security and data protection,” says Lena Eskilsson, Managing Director at Proact in Sweden.
The solution includes an infrastructure system where data can be replicated between two data centres at different physical locations, ensuring security and high availability. The system is built without conventional magnetic disks and instead uses high-speed Flash storage for each tier. This feature delivers significant performance improvements and the total storage capacity exceeds 200 terabytes.
The infrastructure solution also comprises of two separate backup systems, together with data management software. To accommodate for future growth and potential business challenges, the platform enables AFA Insurance to migrate to cloud-based backup services in a straight forward manner, with preserved security and functionality.
“Proact provided a thorough proposal for updating and future-proofing our enterprise data infrastructure. They have demonstrated an excellent understanding of our needs, together with documented relevant experience and IT architecture skills,” says Anders H?kansson, IT Operations Manager at AFA Insurance.
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