Wednesday, 17th July 2019

Snow launches Snow Cloud Discovery

New advanced analytics solution gives integrated view of cloud, on-premise and mobile usage to more effectively control spend and deliver Digital Business Transformation initiatives.

Snow Software has launched Snow Cloud Discovery, which brings 'unrivalle'd visibility into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment usage to empower organisations to optimise their cloud spend.
Cloud adoption is increasing at a colossal pace.
With this burgeoning utilisation of cloud computing, it is essential that CIOs have a handle on how the IT budget is being used in order to capitalise on the potential to optimise cloud assets, identify wasted spend and accurately forecast future costs.
Snow Cloud Discovery provides an integrated view of SaaS applications and IaaS environments giving insight into usage at an organisational and user level. IT leaders have actionable intelligence on which to effectively manage their entire IT estate and take advantage of cloud, to innovate and advance digital business transformation, without risk of unnecessary overspend.
With Snow Cloud Discovery organisations can:
oAutomatically see SaaS applications in use across the enterprise, regardless of which department purchased the subscription.
oExpose zombie Virtual Machines (VMs) across public cloud vendors with full inventory of software components and usage details.
oAutomate the collection of data that is critical to the establishment of an accurate license position.
oConsolidate a view of all application, environment and device usage across on-premise, public and private clouds, and mobile devices.
oGarner insight and highlight risks from simplified reporting of component level utilisation metrics.
oAutomatically identify, downgrade or reassign duplicate and unused SaaS subscriptions and find and deprovision zombie VMs.
“IT is increasingly being cut out of the decision-making and budgeting processes and this is being exacerbated by digital transformation projects,” says Peter Bj?rkman, CTO of Snow Software. “CIOs and IT leaders are feeling marginalised and their relationship with the rest of the business has changed irreversibly. Snow’s deep analytical capabilities provides insight into all technology usage, including that of business units, enabling IT leaders to efficiently manage and allocate technology budgets to support organisational goals.”
Cloud spend is spiralling out of control in many organisations, with CIOs and CFOs unable to identify wasted spend, optimise existing assets, or accurately plan for future costs. Complete visibility of all applications is essential to support an already-overburdened IT office if they are to get a handle on cloud spend within their business.
With this visibility IT leaders can influence how the organisation and business units consume software, driving substantial cost savings, efficiency gains and preventing security risks.
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