Alfresco accelerates customer time to value

Enabling organisations to rapidly deliver intelligent process, content, and information governance solutions.

Open-source pioneer Alfresco Software has introduced its Alfresco Digital Business Platform to power customer digital transformation. Alfresco’s integrated and open set of process, content, and governance services move far beyond what traditionally siloed Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or vertical specific packaged applications provide. Engaging, people-centric digital experiences can be built with agility and easily integrated with other systems. Alfresco’s focus on ease of use and modern design extends to its newly available Alfresco Application Development Framework that makes it easy for developers to quickly build delightful experiences for desktop and mobile devices alike. Available on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid deployment, the Alfresco Digital Business Platform is purpose-built to accelerate customer time to value.
Accelerating Digital TransformationThe race towards digital transformation is on and IT is under more pressure than ever to deliver results that help organisations respond to both changing market conditions and the demands of their customers. Companies are seeking new ways to simplify process automation and modernise their content management, implementing new architectures to keep pace with the evolving business needs and adapt to competitive threats.
In a recent report by Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Architecture, Integration and Process Management at 451 Research, he said, “Many enterprises seek efficient interoperability across like platforms needed for application development. This is certainly the case for ECM and BPM platforms. Indeed, Alfresco's latest efforts help position the vendor as an efficient option for developing content-rich business process applications.” He also stated, “The vendor continues to focus on execution, making sure to properly blend its ECM and BPM offerings into a uniform platform for content-centric business process application development.”[1]
The Alfresco Digital Business Platform provides IT organisations with an open, agile platform that allows the rapid development and delivery of new, innovative digital business solutions where processes flow, content is presented in context and information governance is assured. Purpose-built to accelerate solution development, the Alfresco Digital Business Platform provides:
·An integrated platform providing process, content and governance services exposed via open RESTful APIs to enable organisations to build collaboration, case management and compliance solutions.
·A new Application Development Framework, offering reusable Angular JS (2.0) components and Google Material design, to rapidly deliver targeted, responsive and engaging business applications which streamline the flow of business.
·An open platform that integrates easily with other applications such as Microsoft Office, Google G-Suite, SAP, and many more to bring process and content to end user through whatever applications they use.
·Amazon AWS optimised deployment, including Alfresco Quick Start, which dramatically reduces the time and effort of deploying Alfresco from days to a matter of minutes.
The Alfresco Digital Business Platform was built from the ground up to help businesses accelerate digital transformation,” says John Newton, CTO and Founder of Alfresco. “The integration of process, content, and governance is the first step. The second step is to integrate application development – the prime factor that enables businesses to respond quickly and remain agile to support ever changing business needs and market conditions, address the threats of new competitors, and meet regulatory requirements.”
“Ultimately,” Newton added, “everything we create at Alfresco is designed to improve time-to-value for customers. Working with AWS has allowed Alfresco to dramatically reduce the time taken to deploy Alfresco to the cloud. We are providing the tightly integrated core services so companies can deploy unique solutions in a fraction of the time taken for traditional platforms. For example, one of our Fortune 100 customers required only six weeks of development to roll out an Alfresco solution for more than 150,000 global users.”
The new platform also opens up additional opportunities for Alfresco partners to aid in accelerating customer time to value. “Rather than focusing on processes, content or records in isolation, the Application Development Framework enables us to help enterprise organisations build custom, secure business solutions that allow users to work more effectively, enhance customer experience, and drive the flow of business through the enterprise,” said Adam Storch, Vice President Business Solutions, Micro Strategies Inc. “This speed and agility are possible only because of Alfresco’s open approach.They make it faster and more efficient to integrate content, processes and governance into enterprise environments, and to ultimately make our customers more successful.”
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