Monday, 27th January 2020

Quorum delivers ‘all inclusive’ enterprise-class backup and recovery suite

Quorum has introduced its onQ 4.0 platform offering the industry’s most complete suite of high availability, disaster recovery and hybrid cloud (DraaS) solutions.

OnQ 4.0 intends to address clear customer and partner demand for solution consolidation, automation and simplicity and offers one-click recovery from an‘all inclusive’ disaster recovery and backup management console. Key highlights include the ability to cut disaster recovery time from hours to minutes and to manage all features and functionality – including automated DR testing and sandboxing for production level patch and configuration testing - from a single pane of glass.
The announcement is supported by the release of The State of Disaster Recovery Report, based on a study conducted by Quorum, which confirms that there are several significant trends concerning IT leaders. Businesses are dealing with overwhelming complexity and cost, and are looking to simplify and consolidate solutions. It is also clear that businesses are looking to migrate more disaster recovery capability to the cloud or hybrid solutions.
The report found that:
  • 75% of respondents are leveraging cloud based disaster recovery solutions, with 36% using a hybrid on premise and cloud model and 39% using only DraaS
  • 89% of respondents are planning on implementing more cloud based disaster recovery
  • 64% of respondents are using more than 3 different disaster recovery products with 26% using between 5-10
  • 90% of respondents would be interested in consolidating their disaster recovery into one management console
  • Over 80% say that it takes over an hour to recover from a server failure, even with 72% of respondents saying that speed of backup and recovery is extremely critical.
“This is an underserved market and it’s clear that customers have been trying to get by with old technology for too long. The release of onQ4 is significant because we are offering customers the only solution that addresses the demand for simplicity whilst providing scalable HA, DR and DraaS from a single pane of glass,” said Simon Pearce, CEO, Quorum. “Quite simply, onQ 4.0 represents the next generation in disaster recovery capability - offering the fastest one-click recovery solution on the market to any combination of infrastructure.”
“A product that can cut recovery time from hours to minutes, and a solution set that outdoes all of our competitors speaks for itself,” said David Fisk, Director EMEA and APAC. “The ability to perform automated self-testing and cloud sandboxing with any combination of HA, DR or DraaS, makes Quorum onQ 4.0 a highly competitive offering in this mature yet discerning marketplace.”
Key features of onQ 4.0 include:
·Instant Recovery - 1 click starts a virtual clone of production servers
·New UI - browser based, single view and color coded for easy problem ID
·Automated DR testing - clones are started and verified after each backup
·Sandbox environment - local subnet allows patch and configuration testing
·Migration Tools - bare metal restore to same or different hardware.
·Replication - compressed and encrypted backups are sent to customer DR site or Quorum cloud (DraaS)
·Archive - policy based migration and retention
·Backup - server image, apps and data compressed and encrypted
·Deduplication - both at the source and destination
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