Tuesday, 13th April 2021

Application development platform enhancements

Application development platform leader delivers on mission-critical business needs with enhanced data security and multi-platform/multi-device development and deployment options.

Progress has introduced the latest release of Progress® OpenEdge®, the leading platform for simplifying the development, deployment and management of global business applications for faster time-to-market. With today’s release, the Progress OpenEdge platform addresses business challenges around user experience, security and developer productivity.
According to Gartner, “Worldwide spending on enterprise application software will grow 7.5 percent to reach $149.9 billion in 2015, increasing to more than $201 billion in 2019. Analysts said that long-term growth in spending will be driven primarily by modernization, functional expansion and digital transformation projects.”[1]
User Experience and Accessibility
As part of its acquisition of Telerik in 2014, Progress sought to drive customer success by transforming them into modern digital businesses. With the latest release of the Progress OpenEdge platform, the company is leveraging those technology advancements.
As such, Progress now offers the Telerik® Platform for OpenEdge® application. Customers and partners can now extend OpenEdge applications with advanced mobile app development capabilities, test and deployment features, as well as easy-to-use JavaScript Data Objects (JSDO) for easy integration of mobile apps with existing Progress OpenEdge business logic.
The combination of the Telerik Platform and Progress OpenEdge applications re-iterates the company’s focus on delivering mission-critical production systems that meet the demands of SaaS/Cloud, web and mobile environments. It offers broad platform support, based on open industry-standard interfaces and extensive cloud scalability with virtually unlimited data storage capabilities.
“Our customers are mobile and need applications that can scale to support a multitude of device types, yet still be end-user friendly,” said Sophy Nathanail, CEO, Apero Solutions. “The combination of the Progress OpenEdge and Telerik Platform for OpenEdge applications is a terrific solution – we get the user experience and single development platform that Telerik is known for, coupled with the reliability and integrity that has kept Progress as the leader in the application development space for more than three decades.”
Data Security and Access
Data security and access continues to be a concern from the C-Suite down. The Progress OpenEdge platform can enable secure applications with comprehensive support by the latest Transport Layered Security (TLS), ensuring privacy between communicating applications and application users. The Progress OpenEdge platform also offers secure data management via multi-tenant table implementations and helps minimize the risk of malicious attacks.
Developer Productivity
Progress is devoted to providing technology that helps advance business, lower costs and increase operational efficiencies for their customers and partners. A huge area of focus for this latest release of the OpenEdge platform was based on input from the Progress developer community.
“Our customers and partners are the driving force behind the Progress OpenEdge platform. That is why it is important for us to provide the latest and greatest capabilities to help them move toward the next generation of application development—staying competitive in an ultra-intense market,” said Colleen Smith, Vice President and General Manager, Progress OpenEdge. “Today’s release focuses on the pain points every business faces today—security, mobile development and user experience. It brings together best-in-class technology with the reliability that we’ve always been known for.”
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