Thursday, 19th September 2019

CIF launches Security Special Interest Group

Group to address key security concerns for end users and CSPs.

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), the industry body established to promote trust, security and transparency within the sector, has launched a Special Interest Group (SIG) specifically to focus on the security issues associated with cloud computing.

The new group – chaired by Michael Darlington, Technical Director at Trend Micro – has been created to provide clarity, insight and education on the security implications cloud computing working to improve end user awareness and drive best practice on the part of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

With a career spanning over 20 years at big name IT companies like Fujitsu and CSC, Michael has witnessed first hand how technology advances have forced organisations to make difficult decisions on security. Under his stewardship, the Group will seek to address the security implications of cloud computing, working to reduce the fear, uncertainty and doubt, which act as barriers to the adoption of cloud computing services.

Andy Burton, Chair of CIF, said: “Issues relating to data security and data privacy continue to dominate the mindset of corporate Britain as it transitions to the cloud. Our own research has found that security fears remain the greatest barrier to the pace of adoption, with 82 percent of UK businesses expressing concern about data security, so it’s vital that the industry takes the issue seriously. Cloud providers need to be clearer up front with their customers at communicating the approach to security that they provide, and what options are available to adapt this, without compromising security in the process.

“In addition, the language about classification of security risks and solutions need to be communicated in a standardised way, allowing procurers to more easily compare and contrast different providers when making purchasing decisions. Tied to this is education amongst end users to ensure that they are clear on what they need to look out for technically, commercially and legislatively to ensure data security when migrating to a cloud-based solution,” he continued.

Michael Darlington, chair of the Group, added: “Security remains high on the agenda for cloud adopters, so this group has an incredibly valuable role to play in driving best practice, providing guidance and working to dispel much of the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in the industry. Although the risks associated with cloud aren’t inherently greater than traditional IT, it does present a unique set of challenges that must be addressed and properly managed. Understanding the right balance of people, policy, processes and tools for different cloud based environments will be one of the key objectives of our new SIG.”

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