Thursday, 19th September 2019

SearchYourCloud provides single search capability

Simplexo’s full text search application provides significantly more accurate and useful results and improves on native security and privacy.

Simplexo has launched a new application which enables people to securely find and access information stored in Dropbox, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or with a single search. Using either a Windows PC or any IOS device, SearchYourCloud will also be available for Google Drive, EverNote, Sky Drive and other clouds later in the year.

SearchYourCloud enables users to not only find what they are searching for, but also protects their data and privacy in the cloud. According to Simon Bain, CTO of Simplexo: “The Simplexo team has worked long and hard to deliver a remote access solution that does not require users or businesses to compromise productivity, privacy or security.”

SearchYourCloud’s completely secured “full-text” search delves into documents to provide significantly more accurate and useful results. Its results are based on the overall relevance to the query rather than just keywords.

Bain continued: “Many people believe that there is a trade-off between ease of access to information and security. In reality, finding information from mobile devices has been both extremely convoluted and not secure. We have solved the access and security problem in an easy to use service.”

Unmatched Security for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Documents that Self-Destruct
As employees often use their smartphones/tablets for both business and personal use, businesses need a secure method for employees to access documents from the corporate network on their mobile devices. SearchYourCloud meets this challenge with easy and secure access to sensitive data without the risk of unauthorised access.

SearchYourCloud does not create a direct network connection between a mobile device and the host computer/network, and holds no file contents. Rather, data is synchronised to your cloud provider where it is fully encrypted to AES 256 and can be securely accessed from a tablet, smartphone or your windows PC. It also provides the ability to automatically delete 'Off-Line' files from a mobile device after a pre-set time. This keeps user details and sensitive content from being cached on the device.

Key Facts
· Fast and Accurate Search. SearchYourCloud provides fast, inclusive and accurate search results by using a unique method to create and query a secure full-text index without ever storing the file or its contents in the index.
· Full-text Search within Documents. SearchYourCloud searches into the content of emails, Word, PowerPoint and other documents not available via public search engines without the security threat of actually opening the index to the cloud.
· Total Privacy in the Cloud. To protect privacy and ensure superior security, SearchYourCloud does not store user email addresses or PINs, and there are no direct URLs exposed for the file, file contents or store and all stored files are fully encrypted. All of which makes it very safe to use in a cloud environment.
· Versions Always Up to Date. If a document is stored off-line and on a cloud such as Dropbox, the app will notify the user if the version stored is older than the one in the cloud.
· Secure Encryption of User Data. Any files stored on the local device and in your cloud store are encrypted. Encryption is AES 256 as used by the US government.
· Document Formats. SearchYourCloud may be used to search document types stored using Dropbox, Exchange, Office 365 and Microsoft Office formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, and SharePoint -- with other cloud stores coming later in the year.
· Share. Users may privately share a file with others by creating a separate copy of the specified file into a new, isolated store area.

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