Friday, 10th July 2020

Open Compute and data centre architectures

A new White Paper from Schneider Electric considers the capital costs of OCP-compliant data centres, including the implications for redundancy, availability and flexibility of upstream power infrastructure.

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Benefits of DevOps extend beyond greater business agility

  • Published on 09 Jun, 2016 in

Universal recognition of benefits presented by DevOps approach, though implementation challenges remain.

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Bees buzz on Azure

The integration of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform with Microsoft Azure enables DevOps teams to accelerate the build, test, and deployment of applications.

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IBM launches development environment for Apache Spark

IBM Cloud becomes hub to help Data Scientists analyze big data quickly and simply using Apache Spark.

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SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 helps customers adapt to changing data demands

SUSE’s latest software-defined storage is first commercially supported solution based on the Jewel release of Ceph.

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Surge in demand for AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud skills

Number of DevOps and Docker jobs continues to rise significantly.

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Red Hat has contributed etcd, an open source project that is a key component of Kubernetes, into the...
A vision for turning software delivery into a core business process.
Enterprise leaders collaborate to enable container adoption across heterogeneous datacenter infrast...
Seventh OpenStack Foundation User Survey shows users are interested in containers, NFV and bare...
thinkmoney is using the OutSystems low-code platform to deliver its strategic program for digital tr...
Jetstack, OpenCredo and Cygnacom funded at Machine Identity Protection Live.
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Cardinal Health Experiences Black Friday Every Day

CA World '15 DevOps, Agile Ops Theater: Louis Verzi, Manager, Java Platforms at Cardinal Health. Cardinal Health specializes in distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products, serving more than 100,000 locations worldwide. To ensure the best customer experience possible for its mission critical applications, Cardinal Health takes the approach that every day is 'Black Friday' with quick detection and quick resolution. Over the past several years, Cardinal Health has used CA Application Performance Management to move from being reactive to application performance issues to proactively addressing issues before they impact the customer. In this session you will learn some of the steps and approaches they take to improve application performance across more than 100 different applications, including their e-commerce platform.

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