Saturday, 6th March 2021


Decide. Commit. Succeed. How Beachbody Moved to a Next-Generation Architecture

Beachbody vaulted over 17 years of legacy system and practices to a community leadership position in our technology culture, embracing a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Microservice architecture driven world. In this session, learn how Beachbody, a B2C/B2B multi-level marketing company modernized and set the groundwork for its next generation of products and services using the power of open source, and DevOps and service enablement from CA Technologies.

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Communications and awareness.
Datacentre Solutions talks to Conexus
DCS talks to Rob Mather, Solutions Director at Power Control Ltd, looking at the role of UPS systems...
Managed Services as a supply model continues to change and develop; the best way to stay current is...
How the Splunk team uses DevOps methodologies to help with automation strategies, application deploy...
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Aramex deploys NetScaler for Microsoft Exchange

NetScaler can be deployed in front of many common enterprise workloads and applications. Aramex describes their deployment of NetScaler, and how it reduces bandwidth consumption and improves the user experience.

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