Mobile is Here....Are you Ready?

Mobile is Here....Are you Ready? Mobile data traffic is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 45 percent between 2013 and 2019, resulting in a 10-fold increase over that time span...learn more about how mobile traffic will impact your network in this new infographic. Copyright © 1996-2013 Juniper Networks, Inc.     All rights reserved                                                                                      Update preferences                    

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Media Advisory: Juniper Networks Demonstrates Latest VMware Integrations for Simplified Network Security and Automation at VMworld 2015 Europe

Dateline City: SUNNYVALE, Calif. SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, today announced details regarding its upcoming participation at VMworld 2015 Europe, VMware’s annual regional user conference and exhibition, October 12-15 at the Fira Gran Via, Barcelona. Juniper Networks is a Gold Sponsor and will be located at exhibition booth G318. Language: English Contact: Juniper NetworksPenny Still, +44 1372 385 Ticker Slug: Ticker: JNPR Exchange: NYSE read more                    

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Can A Pure Storage Company Make It Big?

There has been a lot of time and [electronic] ink expended of late in the build-up to, and eventual launch of, the Pure IPO yesterday. Most of the commentary has concentrated on the valuation and stock trading zone. As I write this, the stock price has floated down softly to around $15.50, off from the offering starting point of $17 per share. The financial press headlines contain plenty of words like disappointing and failed to impress. Moreover, they talk of the impact of this unicorn IPO on the appetite and enthusiasm for tech IPOs. In other words, its a very parochial Wall Street view. And frankly, thats where the focus is misplaced, at least from the storage and IT market perspective. Now, I am not here to suggest that the share price is irrelevant or that many people wouldnt have been happier to see a more robust start for PSTG shares. But theres a more significant set of considerations from a technology, industry and end-user perspective.

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Service Provider Problems with Analytics Tools

Gigamon Director of Service Provider Solutions Andy Huckridge recently spoke at the Telecom Council Innovation Meeting in Mountain View, CA. See how Gigamon solves the problem of the combination of decreasing ARPU/bit, exponentially increasing big data, and the limited ability of analytics tools to scale. For more information, read about the Triple Challenge of Network […] The post Service Provider Problems with Analytics Tools appeared first on Gigamon Blog.

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Signature Update #2543

Signature Update #2543 247 new signatures:HIGHHTTP: Typo3 CMS SanitizeLocalUrl Cross-Site ScriptingMEDIUMHTTP: Static HTTP Server ini File Parsing Buffer Overflow1HIGHHTTP: Novell ZENworks Mobile Management Cross-Site ScriptingMEDIUMHTTP: Integard Home and Pro Password Remote Version Check1MEDIUMHTTP: VLC HTTPD Connection Header Format String1HIGHHTTP: Ignite Realtime Openfire group-summary.jsp Cross-Site ScriptingMEDIUMHTTP: ntop Basic Authorization Denial of Service1MEDIUMHTTP: PHPWiki CVE-2014-5519 Ploticus Arbitratu Code Execution1MEDIUMHTTP: Sun Java System Web Server JSP Source Code Disclosure1MEDIUMHTTP: ESTsoft ALZip MIM File Processing Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: Maxthon History Cross Site Scripting1MEDIUMHTTP: Digium Asterisk Management Interface HTTP Digest Authentication Stack Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: Adobe Flash Player Privilege Escalation1MEDIUMHTTP:Multiple Product XML External Entity Injection1MEDIUMHTTP: Wordpress W3 Total Cache Plugin Remote Code Execution1MEDIUMHTTP: Microsoft ASP.NET Post Request Parameters Handling Denial of Service1MEDIUMHTTP: Suspicious WIPER/SHAMOON Infected File Download1MEDIUMHTTP: XnView mbm File Parsing Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: Microsoft Telnet Protocol Handler Insecure Loading1MEDIUMHTTP: Inout Article Base Ultimate Cross Site Request Forgery1MEDIUMHTTP: Sysax Multi Server Function Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: Alt-N WebAdmin USER Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: Ruby Gem Multiple Wrappers Command Injection1MEDIUMHTTP: Adobe RoboHelp Server SQL Injection Vulnerability1MEDIUMHTTP: Multiple Web Browsers Window Injection1MEDIUMHTTP: Microsoft .NET Framework Heap Corruption1MEDIUMHTTP: Localhost Host Header in Trans-Internet Request1MEDIUMHTTP: Microsoft Windows Folder GUID Code Execution1MEDIUMHTTP: Apple CUPS SGI Image Format Decoding imagetops Filter Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: Ruby on Rails XML Parameter Parsing Remote Code Execution1MEDIUMHTTP: Easy LAN Folder Share .reg FIle Parsing Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: Ruby on Rails JSON YAML Parsing Remote Code Execution1MEDIUMHTTP: Oracle Exploit Kit Angler Java1MEDIUMHTTP: Microsoft .NET Framework XAML Browser Applications Stack Corruption1MEDIUMHTTP: XAMPP Request Forgery Attempt1MEDIUMHTTP: HP LaserJet Pro Printers Remote Information Disclosure1MEDIUMHTTP: GD Graphics Library PNG Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: Wordpress FGallery Plugin Malicious File Hosting1MEDIUMHTTP: UltraVNC VNCLog Buffer Overflow1MEDIUMHTTP: WireLurker Serial Number Upload Detected1MEDIUMHTTP: ManageEngine Multiple Products FailOverHelperServlet copyfile Information Disclosure1MEDIUMHTTP: Attachmate Reflection FTP Client ActiveX CE1MEDIUMHTTP: ContentKeeper Web Appliance benetool Remote Command Execution1HIGHDNS: ISC BIND openpgpkey Denial of ServiceMEDIUMHTTP: Apple QuickTime JPEG Atom Buffer Overflow 2MEDIUMHTTP: Apple QuickTime JPEG Atom Buffer Overflow 3HIGHHTTP: Microsoft Publisher PLC Objects Remote Code Execution 1HIGHHTTP: Microsoft Publisher PLC Objects Remote Code Execution 2HIGHHTTP: Microsoft Publisher PLC Objects Remote Code Execution 3MEDIUMHTTP: Invalid ANI Block Size Parameter in Stream (2)2MEDIUMHTTP: Invalid ANI Block Size Parameter in Stream (2)3HIGHHTTP: Adobe Flash Player null Reference Memory Corruption1HIGHHTTP: Microsoft PowerPoint 0xFB1 Parsing Buffer Overflow1HIGHHTTP: Adobe Flash Player null Reference Memory Corruption2HIGHHTTP: Adobe Flash Player null Reference Memory Corruption3HIGHHTTP: Microsoft PowerPoint 0xFB1 Parsing Buffer Overflow2HIGHHTTP: Microsoft PowerPoint 0xFB1 Parsing Buffer Overflow3MEDIUMHTTP: Google Chrome HTTP Response Handling Memory Corruption 2MEDIUMHTTP: Google Chrome HTTP Response Handling Memory Corruption 3HIGHHTTP: Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 Buffer Size Validation2HIGHHTTP: Avira Management Console Server HTTP Header Processing Heap Buffer OverflowHIGHDNS: ISC BIND DNSSEC Key Parsing Buffer Denial of ServiceHIGHHTTP: DHTML Object Handling Race Condition1HIGHHTTP: KingView KChartXY.ocx Unsafe ActiveX Control1MEDIUMHTTP: Microsoft IE MHTMLFile NULL De

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Networking: Intelligence Augmentation vs. Artificial Intelligence

I recently read the book Machines of Loving Grace: The Quest for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots by John Markoff, a technology and science reporter at the New York Times. This is a good book that goes over the history of the development of automation in the 1950s and 1960s, and takes you to the current day where new robotic developments from Apple (Siri) and Google (driverless cars) put us in the another age of rapid change.

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It’s a Team Effort: Developing a Culture of Cybersecurity in the Workplace

It’s a Team Effort: Developing a Culture of Cybersecurity in the Workplace Cyber threats today are evolving, becoming more sophisticated and making it critical for organizations to educate, implement and encourage employees to follow cyber best practices. In a recent RAND Corporation report, sponsored by Juniper Networks, it was projected that the cost to businesses in managing cybersecurity risk is set to increase 38 percent over the next 10 years. Copyright © 1996-2013 Juniper Networks, Inc.     All rights reserved                                                                                      Update preferences                    

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Junos 14.1 FIPS 140-2 Certification is Most Comprehensive Certification Yet

Junos 14.1 FIPS 140-2 Certification is Most Comprehensive Certification Yet I am pleased to report that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Certification of the following Juniper Networks devices with Junos 14.1R4 software.   EX9204, EX9208, EX9216 M7i, M10i, M120, M320 MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2010, MX2020 PTX3000, PTX5000 T640, T1600, T4000   The FIPS certification is #2451.   This is a first time FIPS certification for the EX9200 and the PTX devices and a recertification for the M, MX, and T-series devices.  This is Juniper Network’s 56th FIPS certification and this is the most comprehensive single FIPS certification completed to date.   FIPS Certification continues to be challenging as NIST requirements evolve including the deprecation of cryptographic algorithms that were once approved and increased focus on important cryptography elements like maintaining sufficient entropy and using strong deterministic random bit generators (DRBG).   Copyright © 1996-2013 Juniper Networks, Inc.     All rights reserved                                                                                      Update preferences                    

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U.S. Critical Infrastructure Continue to Make Risky IT Bets

When the term “critical infrastructure” is mentioned in conversation, thoughts immediately turn to things like electrical power plants, oil and gas pipelines, food, water, etc. You know, the foundational services of modern life that we all take for granted. These are the same industries that former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was referring to when he warned of the possibility of a “cyber-Pearl Harbor” back in 2012.  Panetta stated:

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IBM Gets Clever(safe) to Broaden Cloud Offerings

Yesterday IBM announced its intent to acquire Cleversafe, a Chicago-based object storage vendor. This is a great move for IBM and certainly fills some gaps in the portfolio for the cloud business. Thats because object storage is likely the next big storage technology wave that will house the massive amounts of unstructured data we are generating today, and the even more massive amounts we will be generating in the future.

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Amazon AWS and Rackspace - A Cloud Hole-in-one?

Francis Ouimet had Eddy Lowery, Tiger Woods had Steve Williams, Jordan Spieth has Michael Greller, and now AWS users have…Rackspace?  Behind every golf phenom is a silent partner. That even keel caddy that brings the right blend of wit, wisdom and instinctual insight and advice to help propel his or her wunderkind to the top of the leader board. Like these unsung heroes of the fairway, Rackspace too is now bringing caddy-like concierge services to bear to help businesses leverage AWS for grand slam success in the cloud.

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Signature Update #2542

Signature Update #2542 A detector has been released, see complete details 2 updated signatures. Copyright © 1996-2013 Juniper Networks, Inc.     All rights reserved                                                                                      Update preferences                    

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Mark Jow, EMEA Vice President - Sales Engineering, Commvault, talks through the success of the company’s Metallic Software-as-a-Service Backup offering, a year on from the European launch, as well detailing the AWS availability of Commvault Backup & Recovery, and providing some great insight into a recent customer win at Syncreon.
Chair of the Data Centre Alliance’s Thermal Management Special Interest Group (SIG), Jon Summers, looks at some of the topics and technologies under scrutiny as the current sustainability focus turns up the heat on the data centre sector to improve its environmental performance. Liquid cooling, legacy data centres, the PUE metric, geography and climate, waste heat reuse and the role of AI are all covered during the discussion.
Rob Mather, Sales Director at Power Control Ltd (PCL), offers some thoughts on the role that UPS systems have to play in helping the data centre industry reduce its carbon footprint, as well as on wider sustainability issues such as renewables, waste heat re-use, micro grids and the supply chain.
Mike West, CEO of Digital Infrastructure Advisors Ltd (DIAL), outlines the company’s comprehensive data centre service – business advice, legal services, technical and design – alongside what he believes is an overdue, major focus on cybersecurity. In simple terms, Mike thinks that there needs to be more industry-wide understanding and planning around ‘what happens if a data centre goes down thanks to a cyber attack’.


Equinix has opened its first Co-Innovation Facility (CIF), located in its DC15 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centre at the Equinix Ashburn Campus in the Washington, D.C. area. A component of Equinix’s Data Centre of the Future initiative, the CIF is a new capability that enables partners to work with Equinix on trialling and developing innovations. These innovations, such as identifying a path to clean hydrogen-enabled fuel cells or deploying more capable battery solutions, will be used to help define the future of sustainable digital infrastructure and services globally.
VMware has formed an agreement with BT, a leading global communications services provider, to offer multinational customers more choice and flexibility in how they embrace a cloud-first approach to networking, security, and edge computing.
New services, capabilities, and efficiencies for the research and education community that accelerate scientific collaboration at a global scale.
Nearly three quarters of UK businesses see a direct link between customer service and business performance.