The Cloud’s the limit: key points from 2015

Monica Brink, EMEA Marketing Director, iland.

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Top transformative technology trends in networking for 2016

The Year 2015 has seen organizations disrupting their markets with the digital transformation of their businesses as they embrace 3rd Platform computing and New IP networking strategies that have helped them become leaders in new markets. Moving into 2016, more businesses are expected to leverage smart machines and transformative technologies to give them a clear competitive advantage. As 2015 draws to a close, Marcus Jewell, SVP of EMEA at Brocade looks into the crystal ball to outline the top transformative technology trends in networking to watch for in 2016 and beyond:

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Keep control of the the cloud in the year ahead, warns Exponential-e

2015 was an interesting year in so many ways. HP, one of the largest IT players in history, split themselves down the middle into separate consumer and enterprise businesses. Dell’s decision to acquire EMC for $67 million represented one of the biggest pure-technology mergers of all time. Finally, we celebrated the date when Marty McFly from Back to The Future actually arrived in the future. Jonathan Bridges, head of cloud at Exponential-e, looks at how far the industry has come and how organisations can keep control of computing in the year ahead.

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CTERA unveils Server Data Protection for enterprise CloudOps

CTERA Networks has introduced a fully automated and secure in-cloud and cloud-to-cloud data protection solution that allows enterprises to protect any number of servers across any cloud infrastructure.CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection is designed for enterprise Cloud Operations (CloudOps) teams that have been forced to rethink data protection strategies as they migrate workloads natively within and across clouds in a new era of cloud services and IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) delivery.

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In, out, shake it all about?

Life, hence history, is cyclical. Whether it's the seasons, the ebb and flow of global conflict, or the changing, but endlessly repeating, trends of everyday life. That's not to say that progress is not made (although there's a book or two to be written about comparing the 'Happiness Index' of citizens of the 21st century with those of any previous one), but often this progress is little more than re-inventing the wheel '? albeit a smarter, more efficient, more cost-effective one. The IT industry is no exception when it comes to cycles ' most notably the distributed/centralised compute evolution.

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Ross Everard, Managing Director at Infinite Edge Technologies, plans to grow the company through the provision of digital solutions focusing on current customer challenges, such as IoT, the hybrid workplace, collaboration and digital business performance. Helping end users with speed to market, service effectiveness and new business model creation are just some of the benefits promised by this next generation IT approach.
Spectra Logic’s Vice President of Product Management and Solutions, David Feller, shares the company’s own experience of dealing with a ransomware attack, explaining how this has shaped the development of recently launched attack-hardened, hybrid, multi-cloud data management and storage solutions.
Rob Mather, Sales Director at Power Control Ltd (PCL), offers some thoughts on the role that UPS systems have to play in helping the data centre industry reduce its carbon footprint, as well as on wider sustainability issues such as renewables, waste heat re-use, micro grids and the supply chain.
Chair of the Data Centre Alliance’s Thermal Management Special Interest Group (SIG), Jon Summers, looks at some of the topics and technologies under scrutiny as the current sustainability focus turns up the heat on the data centre sector to improve its environmental performance. Liquid cooling, legacy data centres, the PUE metric, geography and climate, waste heat reuse and the role of AI are all covered during the discussion.


Budget issues, lack of flexibility, and unmet expectations cited as top causes of digital transformation failure.
Newgen well-poised to deliver low code, cloud-native AI/ML capabilities to every enterprise.
The latest offering from Plutora, the Test Environment QuickStart Bundle, takes an agile approach to evolving DevOps practices. The objective is to simplify the approach to DevOps transformation and provide an immediate return on investment.
BT and Rackspace Technology have formed a partnership agreement to transform BT’s multinational customers’ cloud services.