On-premise backup software or Cloud Backup as a Service? The answer is…

By Pete Wermter, Acronis.

Complicated? Absolutely not. However, before we get to the answer, let me give you a real life example.

Let’s say you want to buy a car. You would think about its use first, right? On weekdays, you need to commute to work. On weekends, you like to venture further, and “get a little mud on your tires” by going off-road.

Would you get yourself a low-riding, road-scratching cruiser? No. It won’t get more than few hundred feet off-road. What about a rugged, pumped-up off-road ATV-like machine? No again. You'll lose more than your patience as it would be very uncomfortable driving back and forth to work. So, buy two vehicles? Well, apart from the costs, you would need double the parking, double the maintenance, essentially double everything.

So, you make the most logical decision and get something that can do both – on-road and off-road.

Now ask yourself: Why should my backup solution be any different, can I do both cloud and on-premises to protect data in a way that works for me?

Your IT infrastructure should be under your control at all times - and this includes how you protect your data and who can acccess it. It should be up to you to decide, whether the workload is physical, virtual or in the cloud. It should be up to you to decide, whether your storage is disk, NAS, SAN, cloud or even tape - or any combination in between. It should be up to you to decide where you want to be able to recover your systems and data if you need to at a moment's notice – same hardware, dissimilar hardware, P2V or even P2C. And in the end, you should be able to back it all up easily and reliably - both on-premises and in the cloud.

Don't Settle for Incomplete Backup

Today's hybrid cloud backup solutions can protect your entire IT infrastructure – in the cloud, on-premises or a mix of both. You can store backups, and recover anywhere you want in any combination, whether based on our previous systems and configurations or migrating to completely new hardware and infrastructure.

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