Advanced WAF For Multi-Cloud app security

New offering delivers unmatched protection for all apps, with flexible consumption models to fit any deployment and management scenario.

F5 Networks has introduced its Advanced Web Application Firewall™ solution for comprehensive application protection. With industry leading security capabilities to guard against evolving application threats, F5 is adding to its growing portfolio of integrated and standalone solutions specifically designed for app security.

F5’s Advanced WAF™ supports a variety of consumption and licensing models, including a per-app basis, as well as perpetual, subscription, and utility billing options for ultimate flexibility in the cloud and the data center. This helps SecOps work with modern DevOps and NetOps teams to easily deploy app protection services in any environment that can be configured for individual applications or en masse. F5’s holistic approach to application security reduces management complexity, decreases OpEx, and efficiently delivers services to neutralise attacks.

Already a leader in the Web Application Firewall space, this new solution pushes F5 far beyond competitive products, also enhancing the company’s self-service WAF Express® and managed Silverline® WAF offerings. As examples of its differentiated functionality, F5’s Advanced WAF gives customers:

Superior protection against credential theft and abuseThe only WAF with comprehensive mitigation of web and mobile bot threatsLayer 7 DDoS detection using machine learning and behavioral analytics for high accuracy The market’s most scalable WAF solution

“Recent research from F5 Labs revealed that applications are the initial targets in the majority of breaches, suggesting that any app can be an attack vector,” said Ram Krishnan, SVP and General Manager of the Security business unit at F5. “Cybercriminals are using sophisticated application-layer exploits, as well as an emerging wave of automated, bot, and IoT-based threats that are quite capable of evading simple signature or reputation-based detection. F5 offers the most complete application protection, with Advanced WAF as a foundational technology that can be deployed, managed, and consumed in the manner that best suits our customers.”

Industry Leading Threat Protection for Every App

In today’s economy, application health is synonymous with revenue. Beyond basic services such as protection against the OWASP Top 10, F5 now enables the same enhanced WAF capabilities in the cloud as it traditionally has in its on-premises solutions. Advanced WAF dynamically protects apps with anti-bot capabilities, stops credential theft using keystroke encryptions to guard against keyloggers, and extends app-layer DDoS detection and remediation for all apps through a combination of machine learning and behavioural analysis. For dedicated DDoS protections, F5 also offers an updated version of DDoS Hybrid Defender®, with market leading price/performance and new capabilities that operationalise DDoS functionality and significantly optimise ‘time to identify’ and ‘time to mitigate’ response metrics.

Scalable Defense to Promote Business Innovation and Agility

Advanced WAF enables F5 customers to deploy essential app security for multiple cloud platforms—private and public—while also promoting service portability through microservices and container use cases. Taking advantage of automated security policy capabilities, the solution helps organisations shorten deployment times for new apps with easy to use cloud templates for AWS, Google, and Azure environments. This model gives companies the freedom to grow their on-premises and cloud infrastructures according to business priorities, with the confidence that their apps will be protected without being tied to any individual deployment model or particular cloud platform.


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