ExtremeLocation empowers retailers

The ever-increasing number of consumers using mobile devices while shopping in-stores has challenged brick-and-mortar retailers to integrate mobile touchpoints along the journey to purchase.

To assist retailers with their digital transformation to become the Store of the Future, Extreme Networks, Inc. has introduced ExtremeLocation™, a solution that allows retailers to identify, engage and provide personalised guest experiences in-store via shoppers’ mobile devices. By collecting contextual analytics from both Wi-Fi and BLE beacon technology, retailers and store associates can better understand guest demographics, shopping patterns, personal preferences, and their exact location in stores, enabling store associates to better engage with customers face-to-face, improve experiences, optimise workflow and store layout, and increase sales.

ExtremeLocation’s cloud-hosted technology provides highly scalable, secure and granular location based services allowing retailers to scale thousands of branches and connect to 100,000 access points to gather specific guest and associate analytics. Analytics include new or repeat visitors, the amount of time spent browsing in-store, heat maps, peak and off-peak hours, visitors to associates ratio per zone and customer location down to 1 to 2 meters. Using this information, store associates can better serve customer needs and retailers can optimise store layout, product placement and staffing while also setting predetermined role-based policies. Using the contextual campaign engine, retailers can enable personalised push notifications that engage in-store shoppers helping to increase basket size, or the quantity purchased during the store visit.

Furthermore, with intuitive access and ownership of their own rich shopper analytics, brick-and-mortar retailers have the opportunity to enter the same playing field as pure online-only retailers by mapping online behaviour to in-store activity. Therefore, retailers can bridge their on-line and instore experiences, improving brand and customer loyalty while increasing in-store sales.


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