Cloud Foundry launches Online Marketplace

“The Foundry” beta to serve as hub for Cloud Foundry community services with more than 600 entries to start.

Cloud Foundry Foundation has launched a beta version of The Foundry, a web-based “marketplace” for available distributions, services, add-on technology, education and more.

The Foundry refines and defines a “stack” of categories — from system integrators to applications — and compiles those in a marketplace of clearly delineated services, add-ons and more in a single location. 

“Cloud Foundry is more than just software — it encompasses an ecosystem of distributions, application services, training, IaaS providers, consultants and integrators that provide a full range of solutions to our users. As more organizations adopt open source in general — and Cloud Foundry in particular — ecosystems are becoming more diverse,” said Chip Childers, CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Today we launched an online ‘marketplace’ for Cloud Foundry users just getting started, or for those who want to expand their use of the platform.”

Phase 1 of The Foundry will be developer-focused —these are organizations that provide tools and services that enable developers to quickly build and prototype applications. They include frameworks, runtimes, databases, messaging, API gateways, back-end connectors, identity management services, etc. It is a directory of more than 600 solutions and services, including Cloud Foundry distributions from Atos, Huawei, IBM, Pivotal, SAP and Swisscom.

The Foundry will grow to incorporate associated technologies including those tied to operations and line of business engagement within the Cloud Foundry Community. Today, the Foundry focuses on six specific categories:

Training Partners Distributions Services Infrastructure Providers Consulting and Integrators Other Integrations


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