Blue Medora brings more DevOps tools to VMware vRealize Suite

Latest in series of software releases that helps SysAdmins better serve the development teams driving digital transformation.

Blue Medora has introduced the Docker Management Pack for VMware vRealize® Operations™.


The new management pack extends the visibility of VMware vRealize Operations into Docker containers to help virtualised infrastructure administrators (VI Admins) accurately plan resource capacity for DevOps teams and proactively identify infrastructure performance issues caused by application code changes.  Admins can see how containers interact with other applications and infrastructure -- whether running on VMware in the datacentre or VMware Cloud on AWS.


Containers, which DevOps teams use to host and develop applications, can have a lifespan of minutes or years, making it difficult to understand their performance capabilities and resource demands. The Blue Medora Docker Management Pack for vRealize Operations provides full visibility into the entire container portfolio to understand the demands for CPU, memory, network and disk for each container and host.


“Most enterprises will continue to operate in a hybrid cloud reality. We anticipate seeing a mix of virtual machines and containers for the next several years,” said Jay Lyman, research manager, cloud management and containers, 451 Research. “It’s important for hybrid cloud management tools to have visibility into both to prevent DevOps teams from fracturing away from the rest of the IT organisation.”


The new Docker Management Pack is the latest addition to a recent series of Blue Medora software releases designed to help VI Admins support DevOps tools, like Pivotal Cloud Foundry®, or enable DevOps agility through automation. Earlier this month, Blue Medora released the Citrix NetScaler Plug-in for VMware vRealize  Orchestrator™, a follow-on to the recently refreshed F5 Plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator. Both plug-ins allow cloud administrators to automatically configure load balancers using built-in workflows, providing DevOps-like agility in on-premises resources.


“Nearly 80 percent of organisations have a DevOps initiative, but most of those have a monitoring gap between the DevOps toolset and the operations team that supports them,” said Christian Fernando, vice president of product at Blue Medora. “By adding Blue Medora software to the VMware vRealize® Suite, IT administrators have visibility into the DevOps toolset and can accelerate continuous delivery cycles.”


This joint-certified coupling of VMware’s leading vRealize cloud management platform and the Blue Medora Docker Management Pack provides customers with end-to-end, virtualisation-aware visibility into all their resources, regardless of where they reside.


Examples of the product’s key features include:


●      Dashboard integration - to quickly bring into visibility three use case driven vRealize Operations dashboards, including Docker Overview, Health Investigation, and Docker Container Details. In addition, the Blue Medora Docker MP adds more than 80 metrics, including KPI’s that can be used to build purpose-driven dashboards.

●      Capacity Planning – to make sure the right resources are available to Docker deployments. This includes vRealize calculated CPU, Memory, and Space Capacity for Docker container resources. All Blue Medora management packs integrate with vRealize Operations capacity planning, reclamation and right-sizing tools, to improve resource planning, forecasting and utilisation.


●      Relationship Mapping and Discovery - to performance tune bottlenecks and proactively resolve resource contention, specifically when running on vSphere backed Docker container hosts. Users can quickly determine resource contention, even as containers are created or terminated by DevOps teams. The management pack identifies dependencies between Docker containers, virtual machines and hybrid cloud infrastructure.



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