SolarWinds MSP launches Backup Documents

IT service providers gain the ability to protect key files at an affordable price point, revolutionizing workstation data backups.

SolarWinds MSP has launched SolarWinds┬« Backup Documents. IT service providers can now fully leverage a practical, secure, and automated document recovery solution for all business workstations-reducing downtime from hardware failures, accidental deletions, or even ransomware-with fast restores from the cloud. SolarWinds Backup offers an all-in-one solution that allows IT service providers to provide file and full system, workstation and server, on-premises and cloud recovery options. Using this all-in-one approach, IT service providers have better visibility into all customer environments and can reduce time spent checking backup status, with faster recovery.

Once installed, Backup Documents immediately locates and backs up all documents on every workstation-fully automating the setup process-providing businesses the ability to protect key files and critical business data at an affordable price point. The SolarWinds MSP global cloud network allows users to easily restore from the cloud to any location in the world, and offers fully automated backup of unlimited files twice a day.

"The rise in recent cyberattacks, including Petya, Goldeneye, and WannaCry, has resulted in affected businesses losing productivity, data, and customers. The importance of having a reliable, efficient, and affordable backup plan in place is higher than ever," said Greg Lissy, vice president of product management, SolarWinds MSP. "With Backup Documents, all workstations are protected across your entire customer base, so lost documents can be recovered quickly and your business can be up and running again typically in minutes-even from a ransomware attack-bringing you right back to where you were before the incident."


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