Helping data centre designers improve system resilience and reliability

Eaton has published a set of new white papers to help data centre designers optimise the reliability and resilience in their power infrastructures, whilst ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

While these issues should always be top priorities, the pressures of ensuring a facility’s daily operation in today’s 24/7 business environment can threaten their successful resolution. Drawing from Eaton’s industry experience, the papers provide practical tips not usually available in textbooks, to enable designers to significantly improve system reliability, power availability and uptime.


“The pressure to achieve optimal reliability and efficiency, often with minimal investment, can leave data centre designers struggling to ensure that all other requirements, such as compliance to regulation, are met in a satisfactory way,” says Janne Paananen, Technology Manager, Large Systems Group, Eaton. “With these white papers, Eaton wants to share its proven practices, to enable the designers to leverage the full capabilities of modern power management technologies.”


The five papers cover both the power distribution network and the UPS, as well as interaction between these two elements. They also discuss interrelated areas of reliability, availability, uptime, safety and legislative compliance for both normal and fault conditions. They not only show the way power equipment components interact with one another, but also how this interaction can vary as the data centre load changes.


Together, the papers provide a comprehensive discussion of power system issues related to safety, system availability, critical load protection and legislative compliance. They also examine how a failure to understand the complexities of the power system’s configuration, its components’ interactions and behaviour variations with load changes, can lead to unexpected and unwanted consequences.


The first two papers can be downloaded at


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