Advancing PDU safety

Anord Critical Power has further enhanced safe power distribution unit (PDU) maintenance with the new ISOCompartment solution.

The ISOCompartment is an innovative solution that enables workers to safely connect load cables with bus bars -- fed by an output breaker -- after the unit has been energized. The solution mitigates the risk of harmful, accidental shock to data center and mission-critical facility workers while performing routine maintenance on PDU devices. 

Anord’s new solution enables maintenance workers to populate PDUs and then have the ability to add breakers as needed by pre-wiring breakers, cabled from the load side of the spare breaker, directly into the ISOCompartment. PDU compartment separation is key to promoting worker safety:

ISOCompartments are separated by barriers. Breakers are pre-wired to ISOCompartments. Separate doors for each ISOCompartment.

“Often times organizations do not have enough clients when they energize their PDU units, and need to open a live box to add more connections,” said Rob Sweaney, Vice President of Operations and General Manager, Anord Critical Power. “The process of working on live electrical feeds always comes with the inherent danger of accidental shock -- or worse -- to the maintenance worker.  Anord’s ISOCompartment solution helps avoid these dangers by allowing workers to connect to up to two subfeed breakers without going into the live unit.”

Anord continues to disrupt the PDU market with best-in-class solutions that utilize:

Transformer Compartment Heat Reduction - Allowing for better convection cooling characteristics within the heat/transformer compartment, and safety through compartmentalization. Compartmentalization for Safety - Enhancing the arc flash safety to require the minimum amount of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to work in a live environment. The AMP PDU design takes human error and electrical arc containment into consideration with innovative compartments that automatically mitigate risks. Custom Power Distribution Products - Anord Critical Power has become the “go to” vendor for custom power distribution products in the mission critical market.


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