Real-time cooling and thermal risk management across large critical data centre estates

Powerful 3D software and sensor offering now supports multiple data centre rooms.

EkkoSense is to launch EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 – the next generation release of its unique immersive 3D software and sensor offering for managing critical data centre thermal risks at Data Centre World 2017.

Visitors to the EkkoSense Stand (E3) will experience how EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 can visualise critical data centre infrastructure cold and hot spots in true 3D thanks to full 360-degree monitoring - enabled by real-time communication between EkkoSoft’s hardware sensors and software. Using the latest 3D Virtual Reality goggles, you will be able to see exactly where a data centre is under-cooling or over-cooling – not yesterday or last week, but in real-time. Working with EkkoSoft Critical 3.0, this powerful capability gives you the power to move quickly to resolve potential thermal issues, not just reducing operational risk, but also unlocking up to 30% energy savings, and freeing up expensive unused or unavailable capacity.

With EkkoSoft Critical 3.0, EkkoSense is also enabling a step change improvement in enterprise data centre risk management with real-time thermal visualisation across an organisation’s entire data centre estate. While initial single site deployments of EkkoSoft Critical have to date enabled cooling energy reductions of around 30%, the opportunities unlocked by site-wide thermal 3D visualisation will potentially prove much more significant. EkkoSoft Critical’s estate support effectively removes the latency currently associated with traditional data centre thermal inefficiencies, enabling best practice data centre thermal optimization across a broad estate of rooms from a single EkkoSoft Critical console.

“For too long the IT industry’s only answer to data centre thermal issues has been more expensive cooling devices. While this may have benefited cooling equipment vendors, it’s an approach that has generally proved costly without really resolving the issues that often caused the thermal issues in the first place,” commented Dr. Stu Redshaw, EkkoSense’s Chief Technology Officer. “With EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 we’re giving data centre operators the chance to take back control with a distinctive real-time thermal monitoring solution that typically proves a 5x more cost-effective approach than simply adding more un-necessary cooling devices.

“By providing data centre operators and owners with an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that allows them to visualise their own data centre cold and hot spots in true real-time 3D, EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 can clearly show where organisations are either under-cooling or over-cooling – resulting in either wasted energy or unacceptable thermal risks,” added Stu. “Combining the latest gaming technology, advanced IoT sensors and our low-cost 3D thermal monitoring sensor technology, provides a unique and intuitive way for data centre operators to not only visualise their own critical data centre cooling performance, but also to quickly identify opportunities for ongoing cost savings and best practice thermal improvements on an estate-wide basis.”


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