Patents awarded for shared memory across the WAN

Talari Networks, Inc. has been issued with US Patent No. 8,452,846 and US Patent No. 8,775,547. Both patents relate to asynchronous distributed shared memory services of wide area networks (WANs) in support of its operating software APN (Adaptive Private Networking) for the software-defined enterprise. Talari currently holds 5 patents with 11 pending relating to multi-WAN paths and intelligent SD-WAN networking technology.

Talari’s new patents demonstrate a commitment to innovation and a continued focus on helping businesses avoid interruptions on the network. Unlike other solutions, where a centralized controller has to be involved in decisions, Talari disseminates knowledge in real-time and shares information across the WAN, allowing decisions to be made anywhere on the network. This leads to improved performance for managing IP traffic across distributed multi-faceted networks, something that is particularly evident in large scale and international networks.

“These innovative patents allow for quick and efficient sharing of intelligence across a diverse network made up of various WAN technologies harmoniously working together,” said Talari’s CTO and co-founder John Dickey. “Talari’s SD-WAN technology abstracts WAN access points into a virtual overlay network that measures and assesses, in real time, every packet for network and application performance as it traverses the WAN in each direction. The sharing of information efficiently, utilizing the techniques in these patents, across global networks enables each Talari node to independently make intelligent informed decisions resulting in the ability to adapt to changing behaviors of applications and networks instantly and seamlessly. The ability to share real-time intelligence across vast networks is fundamental to providing the best service levels for demanding end users’ application needs. We believe Talari’s model of centralized policy configuration combined with distributed intelligence is the ideal combination to bring real power of the SD-WAN to enterprises.”

Talari’s “Thinking” WAN technology has become the most widely used SD-WAN solution because of its ability to easily adapt to the network and demands of the business. By creating secure, virtual WAN links abstracted from the physical network and then intelligently adapting to changes in application demand and network characteristics, Talari ensures that applications perform continuously at high quality and takes advantage of all available bandwidth. And by utilizing a combination of Internet, MPLS, wireless networks, etc., Talari’s customers can dramatically increase their available bandwidth while significantly lowering their network costs, a combination that is needed to stay competitive in a fast moving economy.


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