From automatic recording to automatic insights

Glassbox is launching Automatic Insights with automated anomaly detection and real time analytics, which will build on Glassbox’s automatic tag-less recording capabilities to provide an all-rounded Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation solution.

Scalable data science team collaboration and production

By providing features for large team collaboration such as native multi-user security, Spark pipelines, enriched dashboards, 3rd party integrations with Slack and Hipchat for activity notifications, interactive hierarchical clustering, and a plethora of new features, Dataiku DSS 4.0 improves the ability for organizations to develop and manage enterprise data science projects.

OVH’s global expansion continues with new US data centre

OVH, Europe’s largest cloud hosting provider, has acquired a new data centre facility in the US. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, this facility joins Vint Hill, Virginia as the second US data centre, with a third North American data centre located in Beauharnois, Canada. These installations will allow OVH to support its more than one million customers’ needs for global presence and respond to the growing demand for outsourced digital infrastructures throughout the world.

Model transformation is key for the telcos

The explosive growth in the consumption of digital media, content, applications and storage poses excellent opportunities for telecom services providers. Telco digital transformation is a complex process, however, that entails major changes in three areas: making the internal organization agile and efficient, driving constant innovation and unleashing new revenue streams. Customer-focus and speed-to-market in executing these strategies will be key success factors, according to insight from GlobalData.

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