MSP predictions for 2016

Recently there has been an upward trend in the usage of managed service providers (MSPs). Up until the present, MSPs have mostly been contracted to help with technical and equipment issues. ITS believes that there are three areas where MSPs will start to grow and become more popular. These predictions reflect trends that are already becoming apparent in the industry.

'Superior' back-up power for short runtimes

Eaton believes that it is the first manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) to deliver a complete back up power solution that uses in-house manufactured supercapacitors instead of batteries. The power management company’s new supercapacitors, when combined with an Eaton UPS, provide a convenient and affordable alternative in applications where only short-term power protection is required or battery backed solutions cannot be used.

Dataracks launches Micro Data Centre

Dataracks – the pioneer of cold aisle containment – is set to 'revolutionise' the data centre industry again, this time with the launch of the Micro Data Centre (MDC). This innovative solution is designed to offer all the cooling, security and power supply options required for 19” racks in a compact, convenient and cost-effective package.

Mobile fronthaul architecture for Orange

Infinera and EBlink have formed a partnership to deliver both fiber and wireless based solutions and to provide an end-to-end fronthaul architecture. In a live field trial with Orange, the Infinera TM-Series and EBlink's FrontLinkT solutions delivered mobile fronthaul networking services for Orange's 4G network in western France, interconnecting baseband units (BBU) and remote radio heads (RRH) from several of Orange's Radio Access Network (RAN) vendors.