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Average cost of data breaches to surpass $5m per incident Between July and October, Acronis found that the proportion of phishing attacks has risen by 1.3x, accounting for 76% of all attacks – an 18% increase from a prior Acronis report released earlier this year.
The Top Six Field Service Trends for 2023 By Brad Hawkins, SVP Products & Solutions at ServicePower.
Multicloud Evolution, Strategic Data Practices, and Commoditisation of AI Key Trends to Watch in 2023, according to Rackspace Technology.
Cyber resilience – a better way to address cybersecurity? Eric Herzog, CMO at Infinidat, suggests that organisations will have better success with their cybersecurity strategies if they embrace the wider, comprehensive idea of cyber resilience, with data protection and storage backup and recovery having a major role to play.
Digital transformation and energy transition efforts - mind the gap! Ciarán Forde, Segment Leader, Data Centre and IT, Electrical Sector, EMEA, Eaton, discusses the findings of the company’s recent report: The Intersection of Digital Transformation and the Energy Transition, which highlights an apparent gap between digital transformation and energy transition efforts in four power critical sectors, including the data centre industry. Ciaran highlights the progress the industry has made to date, as well as explaining how a new type of digital toolkit can help companies in their quest for truly sustainable operational optimisation.
Better partners, better world: four data centre predictions for 2023  By Chris Pennington, Director of Energy & Sustainability at Iron Mountain Data Centres

Expert Predictions for the digital world in 2023

Now that the January blues have given away to the optimism of February and beyond, when the business world comes alive(!), what better time to share a substantial quantity of expert opinions as to what we can expect in the workplace this year. No prizes for guessing that cybersecurity has a significant focus, but we're confident that there are some valuable insights for everyone in this quality guide to 2023's technology and wider business trends.
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