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Main Features

Observability offers a path to true IT optimisation
Stéphane Estevez, EMEA Director of Product Marketing, Observability & IT Markets at Splunk, discusses the findings of the company’s ‘State of Observability 2022’ report. He outlines the three different stages of the observability journey, the main reasons why organisations adopt observability solutions and the main benefits of doing so. He ends up with some key observability recommendations.

Supply chain transparency hits the catwalk
Neil Cornish, Ecosystem Development Manager at Tech Data UK, discusses the collaboration between the UK Fashion & Textile Association, IBM, the Future Fashion Factory and Tech Data UK, to develop a new technology platform designed to help drive both sustainability and profitability within the fashion supply chain.

Securing a seamless user experience
Emely Patra, RVP and Head of EMEA Customer Success Strategy and Architecture at MuleSoft, discusses the findings of the company’s recently published 2022 Connectivity Benchmark report, highlighting some of the obstacles to creating fully connected user experiences, and explaining how APIs and low code tools can help to address the major integration challenges which need to be overcome as part of a successful digital transformation strategy.

The role of AI in tackling the threat of cybercrime
James Brodhurst, Principal Consultant at, discusses the significant, increasing threat posed to consumers and businesses by ever more sophisticated and agile cyber-criminals. The good news is that there’s a range of technology solutions available to mitigate the risks posed by cybercrime,’s identity forensics being one of them.

Energy challenges trigger data centre shake up
Rob Elder, Vice President Data Centers, Bulk Infrastructure AS, discusses the current energy price spike and the impact it is already having on the global data centre industry - with a particular focus on how location is becoming an increasingly important factor for end users.

More Features

Capturing ESG data – the challenges and opportunities
Or Lenchner, CEO, Bright Data, discusses the growing importance of ESG data, outlining the challenges of accessing, collecting, collating and analysing the many available data sources, and suggesting that improved government guidance and regulation is the way forward, along with the right analytics solution.

Ancoris GreenLab adds the sustainability dimension to IT decision-making
Andre Azevedo, CEO at Ancoris, explains how the company’s new GreenLab Google Cloud service helps organisations to understand the actions they can take around their IT infrastructure to achieve their sustainability goals, with cloud migration a high priority for many.

Step change required when it comes to IT sustainability?
Coeus Consulting, an independent IT advisory focused on delivering strategic change, recently published the findings of its report: ‘The critical role of technology leaders in delivering on sustainability targets’. Graeme Trevayne, Associate Director at Coeus Consulting, talks through the survey results, highlighting the progress which has already been made, whilst suggesting that there is much more that can be done, not least when it comes to the need for some commonly agreed, IT sustainability objectives and the accompanying metrics.

Next Opportunity

One of the major successes borne out of the pandemic for Digitalisation World has been our recorded video interviews. With an average audience of well over 1000 viewers per interview, we can see how well appreciated they are by our readership.

While the majority of these video interviews have been purely editorial - the topics and participants chosen by our editor, Philip Alsop - we are being asked by more and more companies to produce commercial video interview packages.

Against this background, we are delighted to offer a limited number of VIDEO INTERVIEW PACKAGES for Issue 6 of the magazine, with the major focus being Cybersecurity.

You will still have the opportunity to submit editorial articles and comment pieces, free of charge, to be considered for inclusion in the digital magazine and/or on the DW website. However, if you’d like to guarantee inclusion in the feature, and also have a valuable asset to use as and where you want into the future, we highly recommend that you consider the VIDEO INTERVIEW PACKAGE, which works as follows:
  • Cybersecurity continues to be the IT industry No.1 hot topic. Whether you’d like to promote a specific security product or service or to discuss some of the current cybersecurity issues, such as Zero Trust, Multi Factor Authentication, Password Management, XDR, SASE or cyber resilience, we will work with you to produce a 30 minute video.
  • Following an initial discussion, our editor will produce a set of agreed questions for sharing ahead of the interview and share the Zoom recording link.
  • Once the interview has been recorded via Zoom, this is sent off for editing, including your company logo, and the edited video is then shared with you for the amends/approval process.
  • Once signed off, the video will be included in DW Issue 6, on the DW website, and we will give the original source file, so you can, for example, select specific Q and As to promote on social media.

Package details:

30 Minutes
30 min ZOOM interview with the editor
The interview will include a single page of advertising in Digitalisation World or 1 Newsletter sponsorship.
Package Price £995
Contact us:

Jessica Harrison
Sales and marketing
+44 (0)24 7671 8970
Phil Alsop
+44 (0)24 7671 8970

Jackie Cannon
+44 (0)1923 690 205
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