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Distributed and Centralized Bypass Architectures Compared

When designing a power protection scheme for data centers, IT and facility managers must ask themselves whether a distributed or centralized backup strategy makes more sense. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that question. Companies must weigh each architectural advantages and disadvantages against their financial constraints, availability needs and management capabilities before deciding which one to employ.
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Evaluating and Deploying Prefabricated Data Centers

IT, telecommunications and data center managers are increasingly recognizing the value of integration, both in their IT and communication stacks and in the facilities that support them. Designing, configuring and fabricating data center or telecommunication infrastructure off-site is creating tighter integration across systems, streamlining processes and enhancing management.
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Ten Cooling Solutions to Support High-density Servers

High-density servers offer a significant performance per watt benefit. However, depending on the deployment, they can present a significant cooling challenge. Vendors are now designing servers that can demand over 40 kW of cooling per rack. With most data centers designed to cool an average of no more than 3-5 kW per rack, innovative strategies must be used for proper cooling of high-density equipment.

This paper provides ten approaches for increasing cooling efficiency, cooling capacity, and power density in existing data centers with low average power densities.
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