Patients get access to health consultations around the clock

Getting a doctor consultation at a time that suits you can be incredibly difficult, especially at short notice. Using new technologies and artificial intelligence, babylon provides users with constant access to virtual consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text, video messaging and AI technology, based on DataStax Enterprise.

SignalPath selects Infor

SignalPath, a leading provider of software focused on enhancing clinical research by dramatically improving the ease and efficiency of clinical trial execution and management, has partnered with Infor to improve its hiring processes.

Analysing Wi-Fi in near real time

iPass is using Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform and machine learning capabilities to monitor Wi-Fi hotspots in near real-time, and ensure mobile devices are connected to the most accessible hot spot measuring speed, availability, performance, security and location. With Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform, iPass accelerated time-to-market of its Veri-FiTM suite of mobile device analytics and big data services.

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