Pay-as-you-use cloud brings flexibility to rigid systems

End-users are constantly looking for greater flexibility in their partnerships with business providers. Flexibility in terms of mobility, agility, platform integrations and deployment. One of the traditional stalwarts of flexibility has been the cloud-subscription model and the inevitable vendor lock-in. Cloud providers however must be more flexible to attract the latest innovative businesses. This is according to HyperGrid, leaders in Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service.

Railway Directorate the first public agency in Norway to run completely in the cloud

The newly established Norwegian Railway Directorate has chosen to use IT solutions that are 100 percent cloud-based. With the decision, the agency is breaking new ground as public agencies in Norway have been hesitant to utilise cloud-based solutions. The goal is to make operations more efficient and suited to modern working processes, while also fulfilling the government’s strategy for cloud-based services and formal legal requirements.

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