DDN Lustre powers University of Edinburgh accelerated genomics research

The University of Edinburgh, one of the world’s top educational and research institutions, has deployed three DDN ES7K Lustre Parallel File System Appliances to accelerate data-intensive workflows across research and industry. At the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center (EPCC), DDN’s advanced Lustre appliances manage a rising tide of digital data generated by traditional HPC and other forms of novel computing.

HPE makes Nimble move

HPE is to acquire Nimble Storage, a leading provider of entry to midrange predictive flash storage solutions.  Since it was founded in 2007, Nimble has disrupted the storage market by delivering consistent application performance and availability at an unprecedented cost. HPE believes the Nimble value proposition is the most compelling for HPE customers when compared with other recent market entrants, and in combination with 3PAR, can provide the best lineup in the industry of flash optimized solutions for hybrid IT.

Valentine’s Day – Sharing the virtual love

Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Even the tough, competitive world of business tech can get starry eyed and thoughtful at this time of year. But what is it about today’s big tech trends and challenges that should be stirring the emotions of users, vendors and suppliers? Four tech leaders share their thoughts on how to keep your relationship with technology a sweet one.

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