IT teams face skills shortage

Brocade has published a new Global Digital Transformation Skills Study, which aims to uncover how well-placed global IT leaders consider themselves and their teams to be in terms of meeting current and future business demands. Of the six markets surveyed, Germany was found to be the best prepared to meet its digital transformation goals, closely followed by the U.S., while the UK lagged well behind its counterparts.

Microsoft shakes up server market with ARM plans

There are only a small number of companies able to influence the industry in which they operate; ARM and Microsoft are two of them. So, when one of Microsoft’s senior technical leaders stood up yesterday to say that the company is running internal cloud-based workloads on ARM-based processors side by side with production workloads, it brought two great change-makers together. There is more opportunity now to increase dynamic competition in the server market.

Fujitsu joins Linaro

Linaro Ltd, the open source collaborative engineering organization developing software for the ARM® ecosystem, says that Fujitsu Limited has joined Linaro as a member of the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) and a founding member of the LEG High Performance Computing Special Interest Group (HPC SIG).

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