CENTIEL introduces top and bottom UPS cabling

Swiss UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has introduced a simple solution to allow either top or bottom cabling connection for its three-phase, modular UPS system, CumulusPowerTM.   This innovative new design now means the UPS can be connected from either high or low level, without the requirement for a separate cable entry enclosure, enabling a more flexible layout within comms rooms and data centres, maximizing the use of space and potentially reducing installation costs. 

OCP launches Advanced Cooling Solutions Sub Project

The Open Compute Project leadership is responding to an industry need to collaborate on liquid cooling and other advanced cooling approaches. OCP has formed the ADVANCED COOLING SOLUTIONS sub-project to 1)harmonize the supply chain thus enabling deliver of building blocks for wider, quicker, and easier adoption of liquid cooled servers, storage, and networking gear and 2) to create a community of collaborators for future advanced cooling solutions. This new sub-project will be part of the existing Rack and Power Project.

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