Power guidance

Eaton has published a new guide to help organisations build more efficient power management strategies that will effectively support the requirements of modern IT architectures. The power management company’s latest guide outlines what IT professionals need to consider to optimise their power infrastructure and achieve higher efficiency and business continuity.

White paper details systems for optimal data centre c

The choice of cooling architecture, including hot and cold air containment, is of paramount importance for minimising the OPEX of a data centre. However, an effective control system is also essential when hoping to achieve the maximum energy efficiency and PUE. White Paper 225 details the different levels of cooling control as a basis for achieving the optimal balance of performance and efficiency.

Identifying the best approach to UPS maintenance

Power management company Eaton has published a new white paper to help organisations set up an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) maintenance strategy best suited to their circumstances. Titled ‘How to choose the right UPS service approach’, the paper explores the pros and cons of four of the most common options in order to provide readers with comprehensive background information to enable them to maximise the protection provided by their UPS.

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