Flexera adds big Open Source automation boost

Flexera has introduced a big leap forward in simplifying open source software (OSS) license compliance and vulnerability protection.  FlexNet Code Insight 2018 R2 makes it easy for software suppliers to add a new layer of trust and transparency into the software supply chain.  New functionality lets suppliers analyse software assets and create an inventory Bill of Materials (BOM) – all with just a touch of a button.

OCP launches Advanced Cooling Solutions Sub Project

The Open Compute Project leadership is responding to an industry need to collaborate on liquid cooling and other advanced cooling approaches. OCP has formed the ADVANCED COOLING SOLUTIONS sub-project to 1)harmonize the supply chain thus enabling deliver of building blocks for wider, quicker, and easier adoption of liquid cooled servers, storage, and networking gear and 2) to create a community of collaborators for future advanced cooling solutions. This new sub-project will be part of the existing Rack and Power Project.

Delphix enhances DataOps platform

Latest version of Delphix Dynamic Data Platform slashes data friction, supports latest AWS offerings and speeds data flow to enable enterprises to build faster, with greater confidence.

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