Thunder defeats cyber attacks

A10 Networks says that a global tier-1 Cloud Service Provider has selected and deployed Thunder TPS (Threat Protection System) with A10’s Non-stop DNS solution across multiple data centres to ensure resilience from escalating cyber-attacks and scale its mission critical DNS services.

Security orchestration across major Cloud platforms

As they struggle to deal with the speed of business process automation and the exponential growth of corporate data, 66 per cent of enterprises and 49 per cent of SMBs are planning to expand their hybrid cloud infrastructures. At the same time, every second company feels it cannot fully trust its data to cloud services because of a lack of security management[ii]. To support companies in their digital transformation, and to safeguard their cloud journeys, Kaspersky Lab has expanded its virtualisation and cloud security portfolio with its brand-new Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security — the next generation of hybrid cloud protection for businesses of all sizes, integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Millions of applications risk exposing personal data due to 3rd party code

While analysing popular dating apps, Kaspersky Lab researchers have found that some transmit unencrypted user data over the insecure HTTP protocol, risking the exposure of user data. This is because some applications use third party ready-to-go advertising SDKs, which are part of some of the most popular advertising networks. The apps involved include some with several billion installations worldwide, and a serious security flaw means private data could be intercepted, modified, and used in further attacks, leaving many users defenseless.

ABA brings together machine learning and human expertise

Rapid7 has introduced a new capability, Attacker Behaviour Analytics (ABA), in its InsightIDR solution. Attacker Behaviour Analytics are detections that reveal unknown variants of successful attacker techniques, and are continually crafted by Rapid7’s global security analysts and threat intelligence teams. With ABA, InsightIDR customers directly benefit from this stream of intelligence from Rapid7 SOCs, resulting in earlier attack chain detection and faster possible response to evolving attacks.

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