Huawei and Ivanti sign cooperation agreement

Huawei has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ivanti, the company that unifies IT and Security Operations to better manage and secure the digital workplace ,to mark their cooperation in the campus network field. As part of this MoU, both parties will join forces to develop endpoint security solutions ideal for campus networks, meeting the security and service needs of enterprise users.

Rationalising and optimising cyber security

Optiv Security has introduced “EnemyPerspectives@Optiv,” an integrated suite of services that allows the modern organisation to evaluate its digital footprint from the perspective of a potential threat actor, from that actor’s intent, and then take prioritised steps to remediate weaknesses. EnemyPerspectives@Optiv is the latest example of how Optiv helps clients build sustainable, risk-centric foundations for implementing proactive and measurable security programs.

NETSCOUT highlights evolution of Internet scale threats

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS has released its 2018 NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report, offering globally scoped internet threat intelligence together with the analysis of our security research organization. The report covers the latest trends and activities from nation-state advanced persistent threat (APT) groups, crimeware operations and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack campaigns.

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