Improving Mac productivity

Acronis Files Connect improves productivity in mixed Mac/Windows environments by addressing the problem areas associated with connecting Mac computers to Windows file shares, DFS resources, NAS and networked printers.

Randstad selects Commvault

Commvault will be providing full cloud backup and recovery solutions for Randstad across their global infrastructure. Randstad is using AWS cloud infrastructure as the basis for its new central Shared Service Centre (SSC) to deliver global IT services, and will be utilising Commvault to maximise this offering.

Scality cracks enterprise cloud security anxieties

Scality has introduced Scality RING7, its new appliance-inspired multi-site scale-out filesystem and object storage solution. Scality RING7 brings peace of mind to security-focused organisations once leery of the public cloud. Using Scality’s new solution, companies can leverage its vast scalability benefits and be confident that essential data will be preserved, securely encrypted, disaster proof, and highly available.

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