UK industry under cyber attack

"There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.  Even that is merging into one category: those that have been hacked and will be again."  Cyber attacks are coming thick and fast and becoming almost an inevitability for UK business.  It is as FBI Director Robert Mueller foresaw when speaking in March 2012.  Ignorance is no longer bliss.  It is essential that businesses proactively manage their cyber risks. 

By Simon Gilbert, Managing Director, Elmore Insurance Brokers Limited.

DDoS threats in Q4 2015: short and not so sweet

What do rats, cockroaches and DDoS attackers have in common? Not much, but one characteristic they do share is adaptive behavior. Just as rats are becoming increasingly immune to the poison meant to do away with them and cockroaches have evolved to survive without air for 45 minutes, DDoS attackers always find a way to adapt their methods and keep on attacking, even in the face of DDoS protection that has been specifically engineered to stop them.

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