Don’t let storage confuse you, keep it simple!

For those of you lucky enough to attend VMworld in San Francisco late last year, it would have been hard to miss the abundance of storage vendors offering their solutions. From what I could see, there were in the region of 26, I don’t quite understand why it’s not called “VM-Storage-World”.
By Gavin McLauhglin, Vice President, Strategy & Communications at X-IO Technologies - ‎X-IO Storage.

The role of storage in today’s data centre

It is without doubt that storage has come to play an increasingly important role in the data centres of today, as well as in the lives of IT professionals. Last year, we carried out a survey that captured the priorities and pain points of over 1,000 data centre professionals, with almost a third (31%) of respondents being storage admins. Performance, capital expenses and management were consistently listed as three of the top storage pains across all roles. We also discovered that the percentage of virtualised workloads has grown from 2% to 75% in the past decade. Interestingly, despite this,, organisations continue to make storage buying decisions based on the same criteria adopted when they had primarily physical workloads, thus significantly heightening their storage pain.


By Doug Rich, VP EMEA at Tintri.

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