Siemens provides first European data centre with 3D visualisation DCIM platform

Cofely Services’ Agility data centre is located in the south of Belgium and serves both in-house GDF SUEZ Group clients and external customers with an independent ICT infrastructure. The centre is the first in Europe to offer Datacenter Clarity LC with 3D visualisation, which offers a virtual tour through the data centre infrastructure while managing and monitoring remotely.

Data centre dilemmas – overcoming growing pains

The data centre has become the heart of many businesses – without it everything stops. Maintenance, management and design are crucial in keeping services running, providing support and creating capacity. A high performance data centre relies on a number of key components; power, cooling, hardware, infrastructure and cable management. Rob Hickford at HellermannTyton examines the requirements of today’s data centres, how cable management plays a key role and addresses the issues that impact operational effectiveness.

Power testing – its critical role in keeping data centres running

During the past five years, Crestchic, the leading manufacturer of loadbanks, has reported a dramatic increase in sales to the data centre market. In this article, Paul Brickman, Sales and Marketing Director at Crestchic discusses the reasons behind this rapid growth and how this is a reflection of the critical need for more robust testing.

Green Mountain: A unique green data centre

The deep interior of a mountain situated on an island in a remote Norwegian fjord is the unique location for a Tier III+, carrier-neutral, high-security data centre. A former NATO ammunition bunker located near Stavanger, Norway, the Green Mountain data centre covers 21,000 square metres with six mountain halls and several dedicated customer rooms utilising 100 percent renewable hydroelectric power and the efficient cooling of the adjacent fjord to provide a PUE of less than 1.2.  The secure location, its green credentials, and low-cost electricity supply has attracted both Norwegian and international customers.

Urban mining – could today’s buildings turn into tomorrow’s copper mines?

It typically takes a whole tonne of ore to produce just one kilo of pure virgin copper. That’s a tonne of material that has to be dug out of the ground, processed and purified. The rest is 999kg of waste! And finite copper resources are dwindling fast in the face of massive demand that’s intensifying all the time. Kennedy Miller, technology and sustainability manager at IT and data networking leader Brand-Rex, describes how the new concept of urban mining can help to preserve precious natural resources by breathing new life into old and forgotten copper cable.

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