data:text/calendar;charset=utf8,%0ABEGIN:VCALENDAR%0AVERSION:2.0%0ABEGIN:VEVENT%0ADTSTART:20201125T000000%0ADTEND:20201125T000000%0ASUMMARY:Digital Change Management Summit%0ADESCRIPTION:The Digital Change Management Summit is free to attend, with three 2 \nhour sessions, and guarantees to give you some great educational content \n around digital transformation. The major focus of the event is on how \nSMEs in particular, with limited budgets and limited in-house skills, \ncan optimise their IT infrastructure moving forwards.Managed Services, Cloud and the Channel are key pillars in developing \n and implementing a successful change management strategy. It’s unlikely \n you’ll be able to do everything yourself; it’s highly likely that the \nright expert advice and solutions will speed up your digital \ntransformation process. \n And that’s why Angel Business Communications, \n organsiers of Managed Services Summit and publishers of Digitalisation \nWorld is organising a one-day digital event on 30 September 2020, \nfocusing on planning for digital transformation, and how managed \nservices providers, cloud providers and the Channel overall can help.%0ALOCATION:VIRTUAL%0AEND:VEVENT%0AEND:VCALENDAR