Wednesday, 22nd May 2019

Container storage for web-scale applications, testing and development

Scalable, affordable and enterprise-ready storage software integrates with VMware, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud in 15 minutes.

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EMC introduces RackHD Machine Driver

RackHD Machine Driver is a new integration for provisioning and managing Docker hosts through RackHD.

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CloudBees reports on “The State of Docker, Jenkins and Continuous Delivery”

Data supports the popularity of Jenkins and Docker for accelerating enterprise software delivery.

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Red Hat launches Ansible-native container workflow project

Community-powered Ansible Container enables complete container creation from Ansible Playbooks, reducing reliance on external Docker tools.

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Scality launches the S3 Server Open Source Software

Scality has released its S3 Server software, an open source version of its S3 API.

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Surge in demand for AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud skills

Number of DevOps and Docker jobs continues to rise significantly.

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Ruxit, a division of Digital Performance software company Dynatrace, has published findings from a...
SUSE CaaS Platform update introduced, SUSE Cloud Application Platform to follow.
Enterprise Kubernetes platform adds new container security and compliance features, extends cons...
Red Hat launches new solution for Red Hat Gluster Storage with Red Hat OpenShift Container Pl...
Supports containerisation of existing applications and new applications by providing containers pe...
OpenShift Enterprise 3.1 and Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform provide a comprehensive, modular s...