Monday, 24th June 2019

Open Source expert boosts NHS procurement process

A global figure in Open Source technology is aiming to implement a new model for public sector software procurement, claiming that the current procurement process does not know how to handle free and Open Source software and that the sector is missing out on valuable technology.

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Cloud28+ automates app deployment, increases choice

Extended technology framework features App Center and additional technology platforms to support the transformation to hybrid IT.

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Open source on the up

Open source viewed as today’s preeminent architecture and an engine for innovation, but significant challenges remain in open source security and management practices.

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Nexenta 're-redefines' storage industry

NexentaEdge enables container-converged infrastructures and application mobility; provides persistent storage services to Docker-based application microservices running on the same servers.

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Hedvig demonstrates Docker data centre integration

Hedvig has released the Hedvig Docker Volume Plugin and associated integration of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform with Docker Datacenter. This new integration simplifies how IT Ops and DevOps provision persistent storage volumes for Docker containers, enabling faster time-to-market for container-based applications while reducing the capital and operational costs of Docker storage. Enterprises can now access a complete set of data services for Docker containers directly from...

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Open source 'rookies' rewarded

Selections reflect three industry trends shaping the future of open source software – Docker containers, open collaboration and artificial intelligence.

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Dynatrace's support for Docker in Windows enables enterprises to gain full visibility into container...
Number of DevOps and Docker jobs continues to rise significantly.
A global figure in Open Source technology is aiming to implement a new model for public sector s...
ClusterHQ, The Container Data People, has introduced two solutions designed to manage stateful...
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Avnet has signed an EMEA distribution agreement with Docker to offer partners in the UK, Ireland,...