Monday, 17th June 2019

Finding success in an automated world

The age of automation is upon us, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforming our personal and professional lives. At home, asking Alexa to order goods and give us the weather forecast is quickly becoming the norm, and at work, some of us now find ourselves collaborating with robot colleagues, or co-bots. By Alexander Rinke, co-founder and CEO, Celonis.

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Is your automated technology a threat to customer relationships?

We’ve all been there: trying to call our bank, GP, or utility provider, and having to press an infinite number of keys to get through to an automated voice that will make us wait on the line while letting us know that we’re number 20 in the queue. Companies claim that automating communication with the customer is making their journey much more efficient and streamlined. But is that really the case or are companies just putting a barrier between them and their customers? By Neil Hammerton, CEO,...

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Scaling DevOps and automation

How the Splunk team uses DevOps methodologies to help with automation strategies, application deployment, and building a demo environments and workshops.

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