Saturday, 8th August 2020

Can food organisations really turn big data into smart data?

By Stephanie Augier, European Lead for Analytics for Manufacturers, IRI.

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Uncovering cyber threats: it’s all about the data

By Derek Lin, Chief Data Scientist at Exabeam explores how behavioural analytics can help to uncover cyber security threats hiding in big data.

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Journey Analytics: The silver bullet to improve the customer experience

By Sriram Sampath, Vice President of Platform development division at Servion.

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Disrupt or die is the new battle cry for software innovation

By Anand Krishnan, EVP, Cloud and General Manager, Canonical.

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Full steam ahead as Big Data sets businesses on the fast track

By Kalyan Kumar, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, HCL Technologies.

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Latest Video

How to Turn Data into Business Value

Marc Chemin, Global Insights & Data Consulting Leader, shares his view on how our clients can exploit big data and analytics to enhance organizational revenues, customer satisfaction and business processes.

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