CloudJumper Cloud Workspace now available on the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace

CloudJumper has announced the availability of its Cloud Workspace® WaaS solution in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace.

This arrangement allows customers of the CenturyLink platform to take advantage of the advanced cloud-based workspace solution, which includes all elements necessary to deploy a workspace as a service that is customized to business needs. With Cloud Workspace, CenturyLink Cloud customers can now benefit from the efficiencies, access, and convenience of managing workspace environments in a secure cloud environment.


The CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program allows participating technology companies, like CloudJumper, to integrate with the CenturyLink Cloud delivery platform for rapid delivery of customer value. CloudJumper’s business-ready solution is available to CenturyLink’s cloud, hosting, and network customers seeking to reduce IT infrastructure costs while improving business agility.


CloudJumper’s workspace as a service empowers IT services partners with the ability to deliver a powerful business-class workspace in the cloud. The solution supports easy migration, scalability to any size environment, integrated business continuity and disaster recovery, and ease of use to provide a secure full-featured workspace computing environment in the cloud. Unlike more limited approaches, CloudJumper Cloud Workspace® offers access to more than 2,200 business applications and user data within the cloud desktop interface. Partners also have the ability to select their preferred cloud infrastructure vendor and can customize the service to meet the widest range of business performance, security, and compliance requirements. The solution is priced 40-60 percent lower than competitive technologies while maintaining the highest level of reliability and computing access via desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.


“Cloud-based IT workspaces are becoming increasingly popular as business migration to the cloud continues its meteoric rise. CloudJumper Cloud Workspace® is well-suited for our customers and is an effective complement to the cloud services we offer,” said David Shacochis, vice president of Hybrid IT product management, CenturyLink. “We’re excited about the value CloudJumper can bring to the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace, which makes it easy for CenturyLink customers to evaluate this Workspace as a Service solution.”


“Joining the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace was a priority for us,” said Max Pruger, chief revenue officer for CloudJumper. “As one of the world’s premier providers of cloud-based business workspaces, CloudJumper's primary goal is to enable the channel with a cloud-agnostic WaaS solution that is easy to customize, manage, and use. Working with CenturyLink, CloudJumper can deploy the Cloud Workspace® platform using the partner’s preferred cloud infrastructure provider, which can be advantageous for differing IT and business requirements.”


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