Panduit introduces fibre optic cassettes for universal systems

Panduit’s universal cassettes eliminate the need to deploy different cassettes or patch cords to maintain proper transmit-to-receiver continuity throughout a system. The internal wiring of universal cassettes allows the use of a single cassette and patch cord on each end of a traditional cassette-trunk-cassette link.

“The Panduit fibre optic cassettes for universal systems allow network designers to tailor structured cabling configurations to application requirements,” said Marc Naese, SVP – Network Infrastructure Business Unit, Panduit. “Even though Panduit supports standards-based applications, we recognise the customer base that uses universal systems and will also support them.”


Universal cassettes are now available in the HD Flex™ System, QuickNet™ MTP* System, and QuickNet™ SFQ Series MTP* System, enabling deployment in various applications.


Panduit’s fibre optic solutions deliver the ultimate in flexibility to transform typical high-density fiber optic systems into evolutionary architectures, preparing customers to accommodate next generation technologies.


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