Landmark Information Group relies on Veeam

Landmark, which delivers critical environmental and property risk information to UK entities, has deployed Veeam to protect its data, meet customer SLAs and save 500 hours in resource annually.

Landmark Information Group, the UK’s leading provider of environmental reports, has deployed Veeam Backup & Replication to support data centre migration and, going forward, to protect all mission-critical applications and data more efficiently and effectively.

Landmark serves architects, lenders, environmental consultants, estate agents and homebuyers. Most recently, it co-launched Great Britain’s first national flood map to create predictive flood scenarios.

Data and technology are the lifeblood of Landmark’s business. These are central to its team of experts responsible for delivering the intelligence and solutions that enable its customers and clients to make informed environmental planning decisions. This information is critical – especially to Landmark’s ability to serve its customers. Businesses use Landmark’s digital mapping data and environmental-risk reports for major planning, residential and commercial decisions. If data is unavailable, Landmark cannot comply with the bespoke service level agreements (SLAs) it holds with its customers. Confidence would be lost and revenue would be impacted as each SLA is defined by data uptime.

Landmark initially deployed Veeam to assist with a major data centre migration project – a process that would have been nearly impossible to conduct without significant disruption to the business had it not been for Veeam, according to Graham Smith, Infrastructure Team Lead at Landmark.

“We migrated 1,500 virtual machines between data centres with zero impact on our customers,” Smith said. “If we had used legacy backup for the migration, we would have had service outages, causing us to miss SLAs. By using Veeam, we avoided service disruption. The migration went so smoothly that our managing director hardly noticed it took place.”

Over the past two years, Veeam has helped Landmark transform its operations – while protecting its revenue generation capabilities – by guaranteeing the availability of its most prized possession: data.

“Veeam is fundamental to the way we provide products and services,” said Chris Tout, Infrastructure Team Lead, Landmark Information Group. “It enables us to consistently and reliably provide customers with the data they need to make informed decisions about land and property. Without Veeam, we couldn’t guarantee SLAs with our customers. They wouldn’t be able to make the informed decisions they need to in order to conduct their own business.”

With Veeam, Landmark has seen backup and replication speed increase by 25%. Because of the integration with Data Domain Boost software, Veeam can recover from a backup instantly.

In addition to protecting revenue, Veeam’s ease-of-use has helped save 500 hours per year in employee time, allowing that time to be spent instead on important IT projects. “We don’t have to spend time troubleshooting backup and recovery like we did with legacy backup, and training a new colleague on Veeam takes very little time because the interface is so intuitive,” said Smith.

“Landmark Information Group is an example of Veeam’s capabilities at their most effective,” said Mark Adams, Regional VP, UK&I, Veeam. “When data is the lifeblood or an organisation – the thing it relies on to serve its customers and ensure revenue – then it must be protected by the most effective means possible. The capabilities in Veeam Backup & Replication are robust enough for Landmark Information Group to have conducted a data centre migration successfully, while also protecting revenue by helping meet SLAs on an ongoing basis.”


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