Asperitas is launching referral program to connect with datacentre and cloud innovators

Asperitas, developer of the innovative Immersed Computing® technology, has started the new year with a new initiative: the Asperitas referral program. In 2017 the Dutch company launched their first product, the AIC24, after two years of development of the Immersed Computing technology. They have a clear mission: greening datacentres and facilitating emerging technologies anywhere. After a year with many successes and first datacentre projects their ambition for this year is bold: reaching all the innovators in the cloud and datacentre industry with their mission.

Anyone who has been involved in innovation ventures or projects does know innovation is not for everyone. Actually, it is only a small group of people who are actively looking for innovation and willing to be part of the first group of users. According to research only 16% of people are considered being innovators and early adopters. It is exactly this group of people Asperitas is aiming to connect with their referral program. “It is just simple, we all know innovators but we do not know them all. With this initiative we would like to introduce a low barrier channel to get in touch with this group.” says Leon Lips, Sales Director of Asperitas.

The program is also quite simple, believers in the Asperitas mission and technology can introduce them to their peers which they think would be interested in the technology. If a relationship is established and it results in new business for the Dutch cleantech specialists the participant is being rewarded with a 1% stake.

Immersed Computing technology allows for energy efficient, flexible and sustainable datacentres anywhere. Reducing about 50% of the energy footprint of a datacentre and turning at least 98% of the electricity being used by the IT into reusable hot water of up to 65 degrees Celsius Immersed Computing is considered a clean technology by many. “We are always looking forward to meet organisations who are interested in making a real sustainable impact benefit with our technology but next to this the business case is just really interesting for cloud providers also.” says Maikel Bouricius, Marketing Manager of Asperitas. “IaaS and hosting providers specifically can make use of all the benefits Immersed Computing is offering”. Among the current users of the technology is the Austrian collaboration of universities Vienna Scientific Cluster, using an AIC24 as part of their HPC environment for over a year now. The first dedicated Immersed Computing datacentre hall for cloud services is being deployed as we speak by EcoRacks datacentre in the high-tech heart of The Netherlands, Eindhoven.


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