NetApp 'transforms' the Digital Customer Experience

Unleash the full potential of Data Fabric—both on the premises and in the cloud—by using AI-enabled NetApp Active IQ and Elio, a new virtual support assistant.

NetApp now delivers an insight-driven digital customer experience that is informed by NetApp’s deep knowledge base, predictive analytics, proactive support, and cognitive computing. By using the new AI-enabled NetApp® virtual support assistant, Elio, and NetApp Active IQ® cloud-based analytics, companies gain intelligent insights that allow them to spend time with their customers rather than on their infrastructure.  

Data is the lifeblood of every business and must flow seamlessly to enable digital transformation, but companies can extract value from data only as quickly as the underlying infrastructure can manage it. How do IT organizations stretch their resources to harness free-flowing data that is distributed, dynamic, and diverse? Predictive analytics, cognitive computing, and proactive care—built on community wisdom from NetApp’s user base—increase the efficiencies of a company’s infrastructure and help resolve potential issues to keep data flowing. 

NetApp’s massive user base is an unmatched source of community wisdom, with billions of data points that are gathered daily from over 300,000 Data Fabric solutions. We extract insights from this data with cloud-based analytics to deliver actionable intelligence. Elio’s cognitive computing and the Active IQ machine learning, included with all NetApp systems, accelerate access to these collective insights to save time through a transformed customer experience.

Today’s announcement highlights new services, solutions, and software, including:


·         Digital Support that features Elio, built with IBM Watson® services. By continuously learning from the community wisdom in NetApp Support case histories and with cognitive computing, virtual support assistant Elio presents optimal answers up to four times faster than with traditional methods. This support includes:

–      24/7 access to Elio chat online, on mobile, or within products

–      Search-engine access to NetApp’s technical resources so that users can find information without logging in to the Support site or opening a case

·         NetApp Active IQ. Companies can take action by using intelligent insight from cloud-based analytics that combine predictive analytics and proactive support. By acting on this insight, companies can increase storage efficiency and configuration compliance and can reduce risk with recommended upgrades:

–      New features include Risk Advisor, Storage Efficiency Advisor, and Interoperability Advisor.

–      By leveraging community wisdom, Active IQ provides access to rich insights and predictive analytics for all NetApp products.

–      In a single view, companies can gain simple and secure visibility into the health of their entire Data Fabric, both on the premises and in the cloud.

“As the data authority in a hybrid cloud world, we understand that companies want to spend time on their customers, not their infrastructure,” said Cindy Warner, senior vice president and general manager of Worldwide Enterprise Services and Support at NetApp. “The transformative customer experience that we provide with Elio, built on IBM Watson, and with Active IQ enables our customers to save time, to increase reliability, and to focus staff on higher-value initiatives like digital transformation.”


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