DC industry should take inspiration from the Nordics' approach to ICT innovation

The Green Grid to discuss ICT’s responsibility in achieving a sustainable future at Nordic Digital Business Summit (NDBS) on 5th October in Helsinki.

From developing sustainable and clean energy initiatives, to world-class research facilities, and incubating talent, the Nordic region has gained its status as a world-class location in terms of fostering environmental and social change. As such, the Green Grid suggests that the data centre industry should take inspiration from this region’s innovative approach to ICT in order to reduce energy consumption related to CO2 emissions and improve overall energy efficiency.

Roel Castelein, EMEA Marketing Chair at the Green Grid, commented: “Data centres are the powerhouses of the digital age and, as ICT adoption continues to proliferate at an increasing pace, the role they play in facilitating IT services becomes more entwined in everyday life. However, as these connections increase, demand for natural resources such as power and water rises simultaneously. Notably, as fossil fuels continue to be used, pollution, climate change and land degradation are just some of the environmental impacts.

“Clearly a more sustainable approach is needed and the Nordics is a prime example of a region that’s making great strides in reimagining approaches to energy consumption. In fact, this region is now seen internationally as a hotbed for ICT innovation and many data centres in the Nordic region comply with green standards as they are powered by renewable energy sources and use free cooling techniques.

“The environmental diligence demonstrated by the Nordics is an important development for the tech world and should encourage the DC community in other regions to follow suit. And while renewable sources may not be completely attainable for all data centres, due to a lack of direct access, small implementations such as more collaborative efforts and seeing renewable energy initially as a secondary source of power, can be the progressive steps that other regions can take in order lead to bigger change in the long run,” concludes Roel.

The Green Grid will be tackling this issue at the Nordic Digital Business Summit (NDBS) on October 5th in Messukeskus, Helsinki, where it will support the Smart Sustainability &

Efficiency track as it sets out to address issues and opportunities in this sector.

Roel Castelein will be participating in a panel on ICT’s Responsibility in achieving a sustainable future. Additionally, in another panel discussion, Roger Tipley, Chairman of the Board / Vice President at the Green Grid, will be discussing the future of Nordic IT and how the Nordic region has gained its status as a world-class location, and what initiatives are being taken to maintain its position.


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